Noémie Marciano and Jean-Baptiste Kullmann evolve

Noémie Marciano (actuarial director and H&B investment director) and Jean-Baptiste Kullmann (marketing director for the H&B offer) – WTW France

WTW France announces the appointments of Noémie Marciano as actuarial director and H&B investment director, and Jean-Baptiste Kullmann as marketing director for the H&B offer.

Noémie Marciano evolves at WTW France and takes the position of actuarial director and director of Health & Benefits lacing. At the same time, Jean-Baptiste Kullmann becomes marketing director for the H&B offer. They will both report to Mélanie Birgé, recently appointed director of the H&B activity within the courtier.

Actuary (member of the Institute of Actuaries), Noémie Marciano is a graduate of Paris Dauphine University. After receiving her career as a consulting actuary at Optimind in 2002, she joined Generali France in 2007 as group insurance product manager and then as insurance solutions manager. She joined Gras Savoye (now WTW) in 2014 as account manager, then key account manager, in particular on the management of their social protection schemes. Spent at Allianz France between 2019 and 2020, before returning to WTW, Noémie Marciano was previously director of ADP public sector and director of actuarial and consulting services within the courtier.

In her new position, the latter will be in charge of the ADP scope in France, “the investment component with the definition and implementation of the strategy, while maintaining its role on the actuarial component”, can we read in a press release. Noémie Marciano also continues to lead the personal insurance sector in the public sector.

For his part, Jean-Baptiste Kullmann is a graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine-PSL. He began his career in 2007 at Mercer France as H&B key account manager before becoming in charge of Health & Benefits actuarial studies. He worked for Henner as an H&B key account consultant between 2013 and 2015, then joined Gras Savoye as an H&B account manager and then as a key account manager consultant in social protection. Appointed health & provident key account manager for Crédit Agricole Assurances in 2019, Jean-Baptiste Kullmann had held the position of H&B offers and solutions manager for WTW France since March 2021.

The latter will have in particular within the framework of his new functions for missions of identification with the sales teams of the needs in ADP, of the customers of WTW in France and he will be “responsible for the adaptation and deployment of WTW’s Health & Benefits solutions on the French market”.

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