no, the insurance contracts do not include exclusion clauses related to vaccination

Numerous messages or videos have appeared in recent weeks on social networks, claiming that people who have taken out insurance as part of a mortgage “cannot be part of medical experiments”, otherwise “the mortgage could be obsolete”.

Behind these messages, the recurring idea that there would be clauses in insurance contracts which would exclude vaccination against Covid-19 or would lead to not being able to be compensated when one has been vaccinated because of the “experimental” nature. of vaccination. This is doubly wrong.

Faced with this persistent rumour, the French Insurance Federation has published an official press release which specifies that such a clause does not exist. She emphasizes What “the insurance contracts do not provide for exclusions relating to the consequences of vaccination”: It must be said very clearly, vaccination against Covid cannot be a reason for exclusion from your borrower insurance. “, indicates to franceinfo Franck Le Vallois, the director general of the French Federation of Insurance.

This is a rumor that is completely unfounded. We can even speak of an attempt at both unacceptable and dangerous misinformation on a public health subject as important as vaccination.

Franck Le Vallois, FFA

at franceinfo

Franck Le Vallois recommends to policyholders who see this type of post and have doubts to contact their insurers to obtain reliable information.

Last spring, another type of viral publication claimed that insurance companies would refuse to pay life insurance if the deceased person had been vaccinated against Covid-19. The French Insurance Federation had also categorically denied it.

All these posts are based on the idea that vaccines against Covid-19 are medical experiments on which we would lack hindsight, which would lead to exclusion clauses.

While it is true that the vaccination campaign only started in France at the end of December 2020, it is wrong to assert that we are in an “experimental” phase of unreliable vaccines, during which the vaccinated would serve as ” guinea pigs”

Indeed, if the phase 3 study of vaccines – which for a year has been measuring the immune response on a large-scale population – continues, this does not mean that the vaccines are not considered reliable. This means that after ensuring that they meet European requirements for safety and efficacy, we continue to collect information on a large scale. The idea is to assess the long-term balance between benefit and risk, in order to ensure that the protection offered against Covid-19 remains much greater over time than the effects or potential adverse effects of vaccines.

We can also recall that since the start of the vaccination campaign, more than 40 million people in France have received at least one dose of vaccine. This is the case worldwide, according to the site Our world in data (in English), of 27.5% of the population.

Finally, in In the case of vaccines against Covid-19 authorized in the European Union, the rare serious adverse effects identified occurred quickly after vaccination, as several specialists interviewed by franceinfo have already explained.

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