Nigeria: Qala organized an event focused on the development of Bitcoin (BTC) in Africa

Qala is a full-time program that aims to train African Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network developers. It offers stipends to participants in its trainings. Earlier this month, Qala organized a major event in Lagos, Nigeria on the theme Bitcoin for Africa, by Africans“. Many investors, speakers and representatives of Bitcoin startups in Africa participated in this event.

Qala works for Africa to build a better future through Bitcoin (BTC) technology

During the event “Bitcoin for Africa, by Africans”, several points have been removed with regard to the development of Bitcoin technology. The participants spoke in particular of the opportunity that this technology represents for Africa, which could benefit from it in order to build a better future.

They also pointed out that the program Qala is a great success, while recalling its mission and talking about its long-term objectives. Qala promised to continue to train young Africans to become competent Bitcoin and Lightning Network developers.

Abubakar Nur Khalil, CEO and CTO of Recursive Capital, indicated that Bitcoin infrastructure and blockchains in general could be used by Africans to create solutions to solve the problems specific to the different regions of the continent.

Nigerian entrepreneur Femi Lounge said:Traditionally, African countries are consumers of integrated products outside the continent. In this room, we are no longer consumers, we are producers. Bitcoin is the tool we build with.“.

There are challenges in the African Bitcoin ecosystem

Qala’s event didn’t just show how much Africans want to use bitcoin technology to change the world. Indeed, it also served as a reminder of the many challenges in the African Bitcoin ecosystem. Participants indicated that it was necessary to consider these challenges as an opportunity to get things done in the Bitcoin sector in Africa.

It should be noted that the various exchanges and tools provided that offer peer-to-peer Bitcoin services in Africa do not always meet the specific needs of Africans. Despite everything, we note a clear evolution in the cryptocurrency sector in Africa.

As proof, the Africans received $105.6 billion in cryptocurrency payments like bitcoin between July 2020 and June 2021, according to a report from the Chainalysis platform. This amount represents a 1,200% increase in the African crypto parity market over the previous year.

Qala hosted an interesting event in Nigeria on the topic of Bitcoin technology development in Africa. The event, which brought together several participants, made it possible to observe the evolution of the cryptocurrency sector on the African continent and to highlight the challenges to be met. You should know that the adoption rate of bitcoin (BTC) in Africa is increasing more and more thanks to the training offered by the various actors and local companies like Qala which are focused on this network.

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

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