Nexity surrounds itself with three manufacturers to accelerate on low carbon

Veronique Bedague-Hamilius
© E Legouhy

Nexity surrounds itself with new partners in the development of low-carbon construction. Three strategic partnerships have been signed between the promoter and the specialist manufacturers Piveteau Bois, Cemex and Ecocem. Collectively adapted actions aim to respond to three main challenges: reduce the carbon weight of concrete with efficient and affordable solutions, optimize wood construction and secure supplies, progress on construction methods by promoting light and innovative constructions .

Cross laminated timber

The partnership between Nexity and Piveteau Bois, a French manufacturer that has been manufacturing wood solutions for construction, landscaping and wood energy since 1948, aims to accelerate the construction of housing and offices using wood. The commitment concerns the co-development of new construction processes for wood buildings that meet Nexity’s affordable low-carbon objective and the securing of French wood supplies, in particular cross-laminated wood, says CLT.

The alliance with Cemex, one of the leaders and pioneers in the production of ready-mixed concrete, will make it possible to offer ranges of low-carbon concrete aimed at significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, with performance identical to that of conventional concrete. The partnership between Nexity and Cemex covers the Île-de-France region and aims to develop the use of low-carbon concrete at controlled costs within the framework of Nexity’s housing and office programs.

Expand the Nexity ecosystem

The commitment of Nexity and Ecocem allows privileged access to the resource, the specification and the technical development of increasingly high-performance low-carbon concretes. Since 2009, Ecocem France has aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by offering solutions to replace clinker, one of the constituents of cement. Among them, ground slag, a low-carbon hydraulic binder from the circular economy that makes it possible to produce high-performance low-carbon concretes. Ecocem is the leading independent producer of ground slag in Europe.

“Leader in low-carbon construction, Nexity is stepping up its actions in the service of a sustainable and affordable city, with the ambition of significantly reducing its carbon footprint,” says Véronique Bédague, CEO of the group. The path to low carbon is a breakthrough: we must experiment, innovate, dare. This ambition can only be the collective car, it involves the entire sector. This is why, with our new partners, we are expanding our ecosystem to continue to stay one step ahead and succeed in initiatives on all topics in the fight against climate change. »


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