News | Vaucluse: level 1 alert for air pollution by ozone, speed lowered by 20 km / h

Given the persistence of the episode of air pollution by ozone, the prefect of the southern defense zone has triggered the alert procedure relating to air pollution by ozone for this Wednesday, June 15. In addition to the reinforcement of controls of the information and recommendation procedure, the prefect of Vaucluse has decided to implement emergency measures such as the reduction of 20 km/h in the maximum speeds authorized on all roads of the department, without however going below 70 km/h, the electrical connection to the quay of the river boats in substitution for the electrical production on board by the on-board generators (within the limits of the available installations), the suspension of the use non-efficient biomass combustion devices or generators, the report of maintenance or cleaning work carried out with non-electric tools (lawn mower, hedge trimmer, etc.) or products based on organic solvents (white spirit, painting, etc.), temperature control in buildings (heating or air conditioning), compliance with the ban on burning green waste in the open air, suspension of the practice of ecobua ge and open burning operations of agricultural by-products, and the ratio of spreading of mineral and organic fertilizers.

The alert procedure is accompanied by health recommendations. To protect your health, it is recommended to reduce your intense physical and sporting activities outside. In the event of respiratory or cardiac discomfort, it is recommended to take advice from a health professional and if you are sensitive or vulnerable, to favor the shortest outings, those which require the least effort and to avoid go out in the afternoon.

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