New logo unveiled for Google health app

The redesigned logo has been identified in the Wear OS app files.
It’s unclear when Google Fit will finally adopt the new design, but it suggests the fitness app will co-exist with Fitbit for the long term. Google could therefore show renewed interest in its internal health monitoring platform.

The fitness tracker app is getting a minor color change. The new logo has apparently been present in Fit’s Wear OS files for some time.

The new logo features several notable changes. First, the heart logo is no longer a closed shape. The blue and yellow sections also take on the shape of a car, which likely emphasizes the heart point and step metrics you see first when you open the app.

Unlike the current logo, the other end of the U-shaped red segment no longer touches the green segment. The green line at the bottom of the heart shape is also no longer perpendicular to the yellow line.

This means that some colors have shifted. The green and blue colors, in particular, have changed places. You can see the new logo below.

It’s still unclear when and if Google plans to bring the new logo to some Android smartwatches. Although it’s not yet live on Fit, a new version of its logo can already be seen through the app icons for stats and training in Wear OS.

This new finding suggests that despite Google’s growing desire to make Fitbit the centerpiece of its health and wellness efforts, it continues to have an interest in Fit.

That’s no surprise, given that Fitbit founder and CEO James Park recently confirmed that Fit and Fitbit will continue to co-exist. Fit’s new logo is further proof that the service is not going away.

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