Nearly 1 in 2 motorcyclists involved in a motorcycle accident in France

Faster biker driving on the road…

The study reveals that motorized two-wheeler drivers drive their motorcycle or scooter at the maximum authorized speed (43%, +5 points vs 2021). They are less likely than last year to go slower than this one (41% vs 35 in 2021). On the contrary, the proportion of those who say they drive their engine above the maximum speed is slightly up (16%, vs 12 in 2021).

…which can be a source of accident

More than two-thirds of respondents (68%) declaring have witnessed at least one road accident or have already been personally involved in a road accident. An increase in results compared to 2021 (63%). The share of drivers who witnessed a motorcycle accident has increased (58% vs 54% in 2021). Almost half of them (46%) were themselves involved in an accident.

Logically, those who use their scooter or motorbike almost every day (80%) are more likely to witness or be involved in a road accident.

Knowledge of prevention measures in progress

This year, the drivers cite more as a first priority in the event of a road accident involving a motorcyclist securing the premises, 71% of drivers (vs 62% in 2021) on par with the need to alert the emergency services (71%).

They also judge priority that motorized two-wheeler insurance offers prevention tools (63%, +5 points) such as: a driving assistance application (87%)road risk awareness steps (87%, +3 points) or the maintenance of their vehicle in partner garages (82%).

An innovative partnership with Liberty Rider that is bearing fruit

Thanks to the partnership set up with the Liberty Rider application established last year, Banque Populaire policyholders holding a two-wheeler insurance policy all have free access to Liberty Rider’s Premium offers. The app allows to guide and of secure travel by relying on several features, including a dedicated GPS for motorized two-wheelers. In one year, she has made it possible toavoid 7 accidents among Banque Populaire policyholders. Otherwise, 1,142,543 kilometers have been traveled and 35,764 trips were made with Liberty Rider.

Application features:

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