MyCO2 proposes to wean off fossil fuels on the model of Alcoholics Anonymous

Posted on January 15, 2022

And if the solution to take action was to do it as a group. This is the bet of Carbone 4, which has just launched MyCO2. The firm specializing in ecological transition offers fairly short and free interactive conferences to allow everyone to calculate their own carbon footprint but above all to find concrete solutions to be put in place quickly to align themselves on a path consistent with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

MyCO2 is the new program launched by Carbone 4, an independent consulting firm specializing in low-carbon strategy, co-founded by Jean-Marc Jancovici. It aims to help each of us reduce our carbon footprint. But this is not just another calculator to use alone in your corner. The principle is to do this in groups by participating in free interactive conferences of 1h30 and which can accommodate up to 500 people… on the model of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Only one thing can get rid of this tetany that can take hold of us [face au défi climatique] : take action. (…) And just as people who want to stop drinking do so much more effectively in a group, taking action when it comes to limiting greenhouse gas emissions is also much easier when you can do it in a group. This is the whole spirit of MyCO2, which is intended to be used only in groups (…) with the help of a facilitator who plays the role of facilitator of the group of Alcoholics Anonymous“, explains Jean-Marc Jancovici in a video presentation.

The conferences thus offer everyone the opportunity to calculate their individual carbon footprint through a series of fill-in-the-blank texts that retrace a typical day. “Every morning, I wake up, I eat and get dressed…: automatically between my five daily outfits, among the ten outfits I use, by choosing from my dressing room or by choosing from among my different dressing rooms”. There are about fifty questions and the answers vary the carbon footprint. There is then a time for discussions between the participants and then a commitment phase which allows them to draw up an action plan over 12 months.

Transport remains the main source of emissions

Carbone 4 estimates that the average annual carbon footprint of a French person is 9.9 tons CO2 equivalent (teqCO2), this is 0.9 teqCO2 more than the calculations of the Ministry of Ecological Transition which do not take into account as the three main greenhouse gases and which omit the impact of imported deforestation or that of the water vapor produced by the contrails of aircraft condensation. It would be necessary to reach 2 teqCO2 to be aligned with the Paris agreements. The firm has produced a very clear graph to visualize at a glance the most emitting positions.

Transport remains the main source of emissions, 77% of which are linked to individual motorized vehicles and 16% to aircraft. Food comes next, with the consumption of animal products in the sights, which represents 60% of the category’s emissions, followed by housing, with 62% of the emissions associated with the use of gas and fuel oil (for heating and domestic hot water in particular). Finally comes the “I buy” category, half of whose impact comes from purchases related to the home and leisure, and public spending in an almost equivalent proportion.

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