minimal penalty for the responsible farmer

On January 6, 2021, due to excessive rain,…

On January 6, 2021, due to excessive rain, waste oil retention tanks overflowed, 1,500 liters of hydrocarbons (motor oil and diesel) could escape into the Twelve. The ditch bordering the farmer’s plot quickly filled up and flowed into the watercourse.

” Mismanagement “

If the defendant was quickly designated as responsible, it is because no trace of pollution was detected upstream of his plot. “The problem is the bins left outside, open. I am fully aware of the negative consequences. It’s bad management, I can’t tell you more. The person responsible for the disaster does not deny the facts, he has also done what is necessary to ensure that they do not happen again. “I bought approved tanks and we empty them every 2,000 litres. »

The environmental associations, civil parties, then took the floor to remind the man of the seriousness of his inattention. The French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) recalled that the problem of hydrocarbons was the clogging of the water which asphyxiated the fish. For its part, Sepanso Landes and FNE Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France Nature Environnement) castigated the defendant: “No need to note that the fish are dead to declare pollution of their habitat. They asked that their moral damage be recognized: one euro per liter of oil spilled and one cent per hectare polluted.

For his part, the mayor of Mauvezin-d’Armagnac defended the defendant. He assured that the sanitation work could not begin until the floods had subsided. He also wanted to be reassuring about the environment: “To date, the quality of the water has not changed and there has been no feedback on any environmental impact whatsoever. ” He added a word in the sense of the defendant: “When he learned that, he did everything he could. »

15,000 euros suspended

The prosecutor asked the SCEA Le Piatat to be found guilty of the two alleged offences: the attack on fish and the attack on fauna and flora. He asked for a fine of 10,000 euros. The defendant’s lawyer pointed the finger at the associations, which, according to him, come to accuse the farmers but do nothing to help them. He added that his client “never escapes [ait] not in front of its responsibilities”. Turning to the court, he asked that his client only have to pay compensation, of the order of the symbolic euro.

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