METADAYS, B2B content and business meeting of the metaverse will take place on November 29 and 30, 2022

If it is still a buzzword for its insiders, the Metavers is no longer a novelty for its enthusiasts because it has been around for more than 20 years. On the B2B side, existing opportunities and capital-intensive industries are already using the undeniable potential for monetizing virtual worlds in various forms.

But the success of the media launch of the metaverse cannot guarantee either its success or its resilience on its own. Indeed, existing risks and the metaverse ecosystem will need the franchisor to ensure rapid adoption by future user actors.

Through 48 hours of content & networking, METADAYS will bring together all the key players in the sector in France and the first technology experimenters.
One of a kind, find the experts, decision-makers, researchers, suppliers, users and entrepreneurs who will be able to advise and inspire you in the implementation of your strategies in this new ecosystem event.

Plenary lectures, debates and expert points of view, R&D room continuously, networkingMETADAYS offers you an opportunity to inform yourself, to debate, to discover innovations & projects and to meet the future professionals of this new booming ecosystem.

500 contractors from many sectors are expected to follow the congress debates. More than 80 high-level speakers representing the main market players will be presented at our plenary conferences. Our parallel R&D room will offer a rich range of technical and operational demonstrations, study results, practical cases with customers, etc.

METADAYS is the first B2B content and business meeting of the metaverse in France

MetaDays is 2 days of strategic and prospective conferences, debates and expert points of view, R&D presentations. It is also 2 days of networking, exhibitions, immersive animations, and exchanges with key market players and partners! Take advantage of a comprehensive overview of the perspectives, opportunities and ongoing innovations within this booming ecosystem.

Meet the experts and decision-makers present. Explore the subject and discover the different B2B opportunities and challenges offered by the Metaverse market!
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