Merchants Ready for Bitcoin – In the US, 75% are considering crypto payment

bitcoin darling – The use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the world is progressing, undeniably. For example, many merchants now offer crypto payments. Catering, luxury goods and other mechanics, there are many isolated examples. This fervor for king of cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem out of breath. Evidenced by the results of a Deloitte study: 75% merchants in the United States authorized to accept crypto as a method of payment in less than two years.

Crypto-loving traders in the US

Posted Wednesday, “ Merchants Prepare for Crypto » (traders get ready for crypto in French) was written by Deloitte, audit firm in collaboration with the world famous payment platform PayPal.

2,000 American merchants, senior executives, were therefore interviewed between December 3 and 16, 2021. They represent all sectors: digital, cosmetics, electronics, food, etc. Certain areas of reflection and certain major data emerge from their Suggested survey responses:

  • 50% of respondents are already investing in the construction of infrastructure planned to introduce this type of payment;
  • 60% of merchants have a budget of more than $500,000 to set up, in less than 12 months cryptocurrency payments.

This interest in cryptocurrencies then appears as an economic solution with great potential. It allows some to face the economic crisis and to inflation that eats away at the lives of consumers and traders.

Bitcoin: the vanguard

The advantages of this development strategy for traders are numerous. 64% of respondents said their customers show an interest in cryptocurrencies. Also, 93% of them also observed a positive impact on customer satisfaction with crypto payment.

Offering several means of payment allows companies to broaden their reach. Furthermore, for the majority of those concerned, it is a matter ofimprove the customer experience while taking advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies to attract new customers. An avant-garde symbol, for traders sensitive to cryptocurrencies, the security provided by the blockchain is a definite asset.

So, like commercial giants like Gucci, traders also want to have their share of the cake. Web 3 and the world of cryptography then confirm that they have the wind in their sails. Marketing pretext for some? Development potential for others? Web 3 arouses desires that sometimes seem far removed from elementary principles of bitcoin.

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