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The restrained success of the cryptosphere is pushing governments around the world to put regulations in place. The massive adoption of bitcoin is taking the industry to a level where it was not expected. While the BTC accumulates successes, he decides this time to explore Australia with Mastercard.

Ebonex, a crypto card in Australia

Cryptocurrencies are setting out to conquer the world, that’s for sure! While the falling markets have put a damper on crypto activity, things seem to be getting back to normal and there is no stopping them. Debates about the best investment between bitcoin and ethereum are raging. However, if the BTC has somewhat let its guard down for a while, it is coming back to the fore and asserting itself once again.

Indeed, the main crypto accumulates successes! First the rise in its price and now the Ebonex Mastercard partnership. According to a press release, Australian exchange Ebonex is now collaborating with Mastercard to formulate crypto-linked cards.

These allow users of the cryptographic exchange to use their bitcoins wherever Mastercard is accepted. Plus, they won’t even need a prior fiat conversion. According to Dong Hu, the company’s CEO, the collaboration with Mastercard will help drive crypto innovation in Australia.

Indeed, he is convinced that joining the network of the world leader in payment technology has increased the adoption of BTC by merchants and businesses.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Mastercard, towards new heights?

The payment giant is showing a real enthusiasm for digital assets. Indeed, this is not the first time that the company has collaborated with a crypto business. Last week, Mastercard announced its partnership with Binance, today’s most popular exchange.

The purpose of this association? Deploy a crypto card in Argentina. So, although some institutions are wary of cryptocurrencies, the payment company sees the potential of these assets and decides to take the plunge. Is this the start of a new era for the sector?

Bitcoin seems to be in the same perspective. Although the crypto winter has had a huge impact on this asset, it continues to gain supporters over time. Even as other cryptos grow, BTC retains its leadership position and continues to lead the way for other cryptos.

Thus, the fall in its price was not tied to its adoption rate. Currently, bitcoin is trading at $23,012 and is up more than one percent in the past 24 hours.

The collaboration of Mastercard and Ebonex takes bitcoin (BTC) to another level. Indeed, users of the exchange platform will now be able to use their tokens wherever the payment company is accepted in Australia. Additionally, the exchange provides plenty of freebies for deploying its cards. Among others, NFTs, cashback, digital assets and many more.

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