Marseillaises, Marseillais, let’s mobilize against maritime pollution

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will examine, at the scale of the whole Mediterraneanregulations to limit sulfur emissions from ships.

We, Marseille men and women, hope that these discussions will take concrete form as soon as possible, and that the reduction of all other pollutant emissions, in particular nitrogen oxides, will be placed on the international agenda without delay.

We call on the IMO to expedite its decision on suffering broadcasts.

We ask the French government, at the start of this new mandate, to launch negotiations without delay with its counterparts in the Mediterranean, to find, as soon as possible, an agreement on nitrogen oxide emissions: an ECA zone in the Mediterranean is urgent.

We ask the government to multiplier checks on ships passing through the harbor of Marseille, especially the largest ones, and those moored closest to homes, and to communicate the results in real time.

We wish that the Regional Health Agency finalize as soon as possible the health-environment impact study on the neighborhoods bordering the port, as the actors of the City-Port dialogue wished, and as the State had committed to before the start of the COVID pandemic.

We ask the Regional Prefect to prepare for the implementation of a stopover ban for the most polluting ships during pollution peaks : restrictions on road traffic and the establishment of Low Emission Zones (ZFE) are necessary, but in port cities, they are not sufficient. They cannot be understood if they are not accompanied by measurements on ship emissions.

The inhabitants of Marseilles and these towns must not bear the fight alone for a healthier environment and more breathable air.

We prefer all the governments of the Mediterranean countries to engage in these negotiationsand prefer the civil societies of all countries to seize this plea, because the solution cannot come from a single city, nor from a single country: la solution for the Mediterranean will come from all its riparian countries.

While heat waves are becoming more and more frequent, like this week in Marseille, inducing concentrations of ozone and atmospheric pollutants well beyond acceptable thresholds, it is high time to act positively, and quickly.

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