Marriage life / advice from Rocky gold: A man who does not respect his body or his wife will not get far in life

In a post on her Facebook page, singer Rocky Gold talks about life as a couple and contributes to the success of this< institution divine >>.

son message to men

The artist invites men to discipline in the romantic relationship.>. For the singer, men very often have difficulty remaining faithful to their wives. Through this message she wishes that these be transmitted in order in their romantic relationships to avoid many problems for their couple.

His message to the “tchiza”

The singer launched a message of awareness to the “mistresses”.

When he drops you off, he goes back to his wife and kids. He throws away used condoms on his way home.
He buys candies to clean your perfume, no matter how expensive it may be. He forgives himself for cheating as he drives and drives home to his wife. He takes a shower first to wash off your unwanted sweat. He then convinces himself that he can’t leave his wife and kids because of you. He takes her in his arms and talks with his children about their education. He eats food from the kitchen by his wife, not two pieces of kfc he bought for you.

If the devil fights marriage, don’t help him accomplish his mission

After eating, he relaxes on the couch, and they both go to the bedroom. They discuss the future as she lies on her chest. Then they have sex (not the sex he had with you). He doesn’t take a bath after that because he’s used to that aroma of his wife. She continues to lie on her chest while discussing their investments, policies and planning their future.
And you’re the only one fighting for more sex because he just had fun. He gave you 140,000 CFA francs and your mother boasts that she has a blessed daughter without knowing that you are a spare wheel for a husband bored by his wife”, she described.

The recommendations

My sister, it’s not too late, know your values ​​and have goals instead of attaching yourself to a man who will never take you anywhere. Find your own husband and God will surely bless you.
Let us teach our young sisters to respect and value themselves. Let’s educate women to take themselves in hand and not to live in dependence on men.
God didn’t create you to be a married man’s chiza. You don’t have anyone’s second choice.
Marriage remains and remains a divine institution to be protected because it is the basis of families.

If the devil fights marriage, don’t help him accomplish his mission.
May God protect and bless all marriages.

The user’s reaction

“You have forgotten an important thing when we go to the mosque or to the church we lower our heads and we ask God for forgiveness and above all we ask him to get us out of this shit because it really is shit.

All the men who cheat on their wives know it’s shit and pray to get out of it.”


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