Mali: restoring the economy after 6 months of sanctions [Business Africa]

In Business Africa this week: African countries improved on exchange of information in 2021. This improvement has helped mobilize resources and better fight tax evasion. Interview with Zayda Manetta, Head of the Secretariat at the Global Forum.

Since 2014, exchange of information on request has enabled African countries to identify more than $244 million in additional revenue, the latest tax transparency report released last month reveals. Objective: to enable States to combat tax evasion and illicit financial flows

Mali: restoring the economy after 6 months of sanctions

Will the Malian economy recover from the six months of trade and financial sanctions, economists will achieve growth below 5% this year. Indeed, growth prospects for 2022 have been compromised by economic sanctions, regional inflation and the crisis in Ukraine. The lifting of the blockade of ECOWAS and UEMOA, will it give new life to the economy. Interview with the Malian economist Modibo Mao.

Togo: boosting cotton production

In Togo, measures have been announced with a view to achieving a forecast production of 146,826 tons of seed cotton for 180,000 hectares of sown land. A report by our correspondent Noel Tadegnon.

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