“Maintain FIP Gold every year”

Present at the opening ceremony of the FIP Gold Perpignan, Sébastien Ménard Deputy Mayor for Sport of Perpignan spoke to Padel Magazine.

A place chosen because of its adaptability for the night sessions of the FIP Gold

Padel Magazine: I imagine you must be delighted to host such a great competition in Perpignan?

Sebastien Menard : “Yes of course! We organize few big events and for some time we have been trying to do so.

And there it is true that the padel, which is on the upward slope, benefits from a beautiful place in front of the “Dames de France”, in front of the station… it is really a very beautiful setting to host the event. »

Padel magazine: Can you explain to us the choice of this place? Why did you organize this FIP on the Place de la Catalunya?

Sebastien Menard : “A few years ago, a padel tournament was organized in front of the Castillet, but it’s true that it lacked space. So there we looked for another space, and when we knew that there would be matches at night, we said to ourselves that we had to find a suitable place. In front of the “Ladies of France”, it allows to have a good image, to have a rather nice setting for this tournament and to promote the city much more interesting for us. »

Two additional padel tracks south of the city

Padel Magazine: The city of Perpignan wants to invest more and more in this sport, what is the city’s policy to promote it?

Sebastien Menard : “We already had a few padel courts in the city’s tennis clubs, and more recently we approved the construction of two new padel courts in the south of the city where there was a lack of them, more specifically in the sports park.

We will take advantage of this event to highlight padel, try to attract the curious and young people. Then we will try to redirect them to the clubs of the city, so that they can learn padel and stay there. »

A tournament that could be long-term…before the creation of other small local tournaments?

Padel Magazine: The goal is also for it to be a competition that lasts over time, isn’t it?

Sebastien Menard : “Of course! We will take stock at the end of this first stage, and if it goes well and we see that there is interest, the idea is obviously to keep it every year. “, to maintain it and reorganize. Then after we will see if we do not make other events, smaller or more local to accompany this big tournament. “

Padel Magazine: Already a successful tournament, because it has just started and there are already people who want to come, who want to play, and that’s rather a good point!

Sebastien Menard : “There is the effect of curiosity, because it is true that demonstrations like this in Perpignan, there are not many. The fact that we are in the city center on a busy place, in addition it is the music festival next door, so it will divert people. This is really the right time to attract the curious. »

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