lightweight VR glasses for business

HTC VIVE has just introduced the VIVE Flow Business Edition. As the name suggests, this is a dedicated business VR device. Just like his consumer versionthe pair of immersive VR glasses is both compact and lightweight.

HTC VIVE has therefore just expanded the scope of its VIVE Flow VR glasses by launching the VIVE Flow Business Edition. According to the Taiwanese firm, the new VR device is ideal for on-the-go work and training. It’s also perfect for immersive remote collaboration, healthcare, and more.

To the delight of professionals, it comes with attractive offers, including a 30-day free trial of VIVE Sync for each item purchased. They are also entitled to a new controller as well as a new optional enterprise application. These of course make the use of the pair of VR glasses even more intuitive and easier.

VIVE Flow Business Edition: A VR device specially designed for professionals

According to consulting firm PwC, VR technology makes a significant contribution to training compared to traditional e-learning. As part of a large study, it has indeed found that the training ended up to four times faster. In addition, the participants concentrated significantly better.

VR training also saves a lot of money. With a VR device like the VIVE Flow Business Edition, organizations are more certain to reap such benefits. The CEO of XRHealthEran Orr, has said that VR hardware is a revolutionary solution for improve the lives of patients in health care.

Anyway, as a flexible and powerful business solution, VR glasses are backed by VIVE Business warranty and services. As mentioned above, they also come with a controller 3DoF optional, enabling more intuitive navigation through experiments and menus.

Lightweight at just 189g, the VIVE Flow Business Edition includes all sorts of intuitive features. Among other things, there are adjustable diopter lenses for both eyes. It is offered from 541 euros excl. tax at As for its new controller, it is available from 62 euros excluding VAT on

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