Life insurance, Livret A… investments that will benefit from inflation

Will the rise in consumer prices ever come to an end? After an annual increase of 4.8% in April 2022, INSEE expects inflation to rise to 5.2% in May and then to 5.4% in June. Under these conditions, it is very difficult to find investments able to keep pace with the rise in prices. And as the economist and director of the Cercle de l’├ępargne Philippe Crevel asserts, “Inflation and the saver do not mix well since inflation is intended to eradicate the annuitant”.

Of course, letting your savings sleep on your current account or under your pillow will not be of any use to you. You can indeed find some profitable savings solutions, even if you are allergic to risk. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the most “dynamic” individuals can still do better, always on condition that they make the right choices.

Thus, whatever your risk profile, the capital you are ready to invest and your investment horizon, there are opportunities to fight against rising prices and preserve the purchasing power of your savings. Even if, as much as you encourage from the start, the fight promises to be unbalanced, especially if the liquidity of your capital is dear to you. Overview of the investments that will best resist inflation in this slideshow article.

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