L’Enfant Bleu calls on Business Angels to invest against violence against children » PACA’s economic and political letter

The association is launching a Major Donors campaign aimed at French Tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Every five days in France, a child dies under the blows of a relative and this figure is certainly below reality. During successive confinements, children were particularly exposed to domestic violence, generating a strong increase in reports, then amplified by the #metooincest movement. The fight against child abuse is in fact a great national cause, but it has a cost! Unfortunately, for an association, finding donors is a difficult mission.
On the other hand, today, startups raise millions of euros every day across France and they are supported by the biggest French investors. This is why L’Enfant Bleu, with its sponsor the agency Havas Play, decides to go in search of funding by calling on the biggest investors in France. Because like any self-respecting startup, the Association also has a mission, that of preventing our children against all forms of violence and changing the future of those who have been mistreated. From June 9, 2022, the Association takes the floor in the headlines of the written press via an open letter signed by its President, Isabelle Debré. In this letter, Isabelle Debré directly challenges the largest investors in France, asking them to get involved in the cause defended by the Association for more than 30 years. This campaign is then developed for the general public with a series of 3 visuals which play on the vocabulary of start-ups and investors and which invite all French people to “invest” in child protection by supporting the association via their put on. For more than 30 years, the professionals and volunteers of L’Enfant Bleu have been mobilizing against violence against children, whether physical, psychological or sexual.

The actions required by the association revolve around 3 main missions:

1. To provide psychological support and legal assistance to children, as well as to adult victims of abuse in their childhood.
2. Prevent abuse by informing children in schools.
3. Contribute with institutions and allow them to better protect children against abuse.

So many interventions that go beyond financing and that remind us that every euro invests an inestimable value.

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