Lack of scooter insurance results in a fine of €400

Positioned at Place des Epars, police officers intercepted around thirty scooters. The vast majority of pilots did not know that insurance was needed for this electric motor machine. In pedagogical mode, the police did not set the fine at 400 €! The next operations should take the form of repression.

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Equipped with laser binoculars, they also intercepted drivers who were speeding at more than 20 km/h. In the pedestrian zone the speed is limited to 6 km/h. There again, it was the incomprehension of the users. The police also checked the equipment of the two wheels and if they were not unbridled. Scooters are limited to 25 km/h. Police bikers have already fined a driver at 48 km / h. And it could reach 90 km/h!

A 9-year-old pilot

The civil servants reminded the users that the non presentation of the insurance raised a fine of 11 €, the circulation with a telephone in hand was 135 € as well as the use of the headset. Most of the persons checked also did not know what the name of the reflectors was, present or not, on their machine. A driver was also encouraged to change his smooth front wheel.

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The police also surprised a 9-year-old driver on an electric scooter, although it is authorized for 12 years. BSR default is €600, insurance default €400, plus other traffic offences. The list of minutes was long for the mother accompanying the child. The indulgence has been decreed.

On the other hand, some cyclists wearing earphones or using a telephone were fined €135. And before leaving, a woman was fined €35 ​​for transporting her 6-year-old child on the scooter. Only one person is allowed on the machine. The policeman did not give him a ticket for his speeding.

Thierry Delaunay


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