La Poste launches an NFT collection on Binance, in partnership with Yann Arthus Bertrand

La Poste launches into NFTs

The NFT offered by La Poste, which is part of a larger collection, presents portraits of people encountered by postmen in France during their rounds. A total of 4,000 shots were taken, and they can be seen in a virtual exhibition that was produced with Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Of the collection of snapshots, 10 have been turned into non-fungible tokens. On the Binance site, we see that they exceed prices located around 0.4 BNBi.e. about 80 euros at the current price.

Some of the NFTs offered by La Poste

All proceeds from sales will be reversed to the Red Cross, in particular for actions aimed at improve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

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La Poste collaborates with Binance

A notable aspect is of course the collaboration with Binance, another juggernaut that exercises in the field of cryptocurrencies. As a reminder, Binance NFT Marketplace had existed for a year now, and it had already signed prestigious partnerships, for example with the Hermitage Museum.

On his side, Changpeng Zhao welcomed this collaboration in French:

The CEO of Binance sees it as a sign of adoption, means that La Poste existed long before the Internet, and that the brand is now found on the blockchain.

This shows in any case that NFTs continues to arouse interest in an increasingly wide fieldand this despite the general fall in cryptocurrency prices.

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