“La Petite bande” by Pierre Salvadori at war against pollution

Pierre Salvadori plunges with delight into the world of adolescence with The little band. The director of Freely ! share the adventures of four kids of about twelve years determined to work in a polluting factory, just to help nature and find an occupation.

It’s impossible not to think about support me by Rob Reiner in front of this tenderly funny film that explores the pivotal moment between childhood fantasy and the gravity of adulthood that catches up with them when their plan does not go as planned. And that they enlist a kid sulfur pain, just to no longer be an even number when it comes to voting on the decisions to be made. “The film talks about ecology, but it is above all a fable about the happiness of being together”, specifies the director.

A choral and family comedy

Pierre Salvadori traveled to his native Corsica for this eccentric choral comedy which reveals very natural young actors, impeccable in situations that are not always easy or even downright delirious with an improbable battle of vomit. We have a weakness for the young Paul Belhoste, as a kid trying to be accepted and for Laurent Capelluto as a boss who takes it for his number.

The fantasy that has always been the charm of Pierre Salvadori’s cinema since moving target, The Apprentices, How She Breathes we In the court is still the major asset of this small band which the viewer is delighted to join during a screening. Maybe it’s because the filmmaker loves his characters that audiences quickly come to love them too. The whole family will be able to get carried away by his quirky humor.

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