Kendrick Perkins has invested in the French Bulldog business

Retired from the prosecutor’s office four years ago and became an analyst for ESPN, Kendrick Perkins doesn’t just talk about baskets in his daily life. The former pivot of the Celtics would have embarked on the breeding of dogs and it works rather well visibly.

The oldest remember the rough pivot champion in 2008 with Boston, the youngest only know him as an expert on TV sets with often very sharp analyzes (and not always proven). However, the basket is not the only center of interest of Kendrick Perkins. The Big Man would have converted to dog breeding! The story is told to us by Ryan Glasspiegel of New York Post. It all started with Kendrick Perkins who was contacted by Thomas Alpough, his brother-in-law, about four years ago. The latter wants to start a business around the breeding (and sale) of dogs. The race in question? The French Bulldog, particularly popular on the other side of the Atlantic. Not particularly thrilled by this idea, Perkins still agrees to publish the photos of the puppies produced by his brother-in-law on his Instagram account. The six small entrepreneurs found in less than three days for a total amount of $60,000!

The surprise is total for Perk’, who did not expect to see such amounts on the table. Convinced by these sales, the former pivot decided to join the company. Along with two other partners, Perkins and Alpough founded a company called Big League Exotics. Since then, the box has only grown, it now has 42 dogs, whose total value is estimated between 4 and 5 million dollars.. The French Bulldog is already expensive at the base, but the rarity of certain specimens means that the price can soar. An observation confirmed by Perk’ whose biggest sale at the moment would be around $250,000!

“Originally, French Bulldogs were black and white. Then all of a sudden you started seeing lilacs, bluish white, with polka dots and things of that nature. Then you have the Blackbirds [qui ressemblent aux motifs des Dalmations]. But now you have the fluffy ones, which are expensive. Fluffy French Bulldogs have fur, different colors, it’s the new wave. These dogs cost between $100,000 and $150,000. » […]

“I started learning more about DNA, color, structure – the things people want. And now we’re at the point where we have dogs that are in our kennels that are worth $250,000, $500,000 – and we even have one that’s worth $1 million. »

The dog in question, a pink-hued French Bulldog named Jay-Z (no relation to the rapper), was purchased from a UK-based breeder and his value is said to have already increased significantly. Amounts that obviously do not make buyers or even… thieves back down. According to The American Kennel Club, canine federation in the United States, the French Bulldog is one of the most stolen species in the USA!

We knew Kendrick Perkins as a player then as a consultant and now we discover him as a dog breeder! The former pivot of the Celtics will therefore never cease to surprise us!

Text source: Ryan Glasspiegel / New York Post

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