Karim M’ziani, the young mayor of Montargis who became an international lawyer at the New York bar

“I’ve often been told about meritocracy and that’s what drove me. To really see how far you could go.” Karim M’ziani, 26, wants to go far. For this, he works there and accumulates successes. The latest? Just last week, when he learned he had passed his New York bar exam as an international lawyer.

“When I found out that I got it, I was very surprised and it was a explosion of joy, including in my family. I was relieved, happy and, for the first time, proud of me“, reacts the lawyer.

But before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to practice his talents as a lawyer, Karim M’ziani remembers with tenderness his childhood in Montargis.

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He thanks his teachers

Born at the Amilly hospital in 1995, he joined the benches of the Pasteur school then those of the Chinchon college in Montargis. Many teachers accompany the young man on the path to success. Today, he thanks them.

“In college, my Spanish teacher, Madame Couillaud, made me appreciate the foreign languages. Mr. Aulnier, a French, Latin and Greek teacher, gave me a taste for reading and convinced me of the importance of express themselves well in writing and orally. “

School holds an essential place in Karim’s life.

“I was not part of a favored environment where I had all the keys to reach the profession in which I am currently.”

His parents are Comorians. His mother is a maintenance worker at the urban center hospital and his father is a delivery man.

A photo of Karim with his father during his graduation ceremony for his master 2 in European and international business law in Dauphine. This took place in December 2018 at the Council of State. Credit Karim M’ziani

Karim at the Franco-Comorian dual nationality. A double identity that underpins its philosophy of life: “African culture, without generalizing, conveys the desire to act together to go further, to be a group.” A value instilled by his father, who encourages his son to always go further.

In parallel with college, Karim M’ziani is involved in the life of the city. He thus integrates in Montargis the children’s city council then is elected young mayor, for two successive terms.

The boy, fifth in a family of seven children, has the sense of responsibility. From his exercise on the municipal youth council, he retains his election as aedile-child and this “strange feeling of being propelled to the front of the stage overnight”. The children’s flea market and his first municipal council with its “power dynamics” were significant for him.

Accumulation of mandates

“In 2008, I was in the fifth grade, class representative, child mayor, member of the board of directors at the college and junior general adviser to the Department. The combination of mandates, I know!” the lawyer is amused, who when he can, devotes himself to one of his passions: dancing.

Karim on stage in Buenos Aires, Argentina dancing hip hop. He is also a big fan of Cuban salsa. Credit Karim M’ziani.
At high school in the Forest, he obtained his baccalaureate in 2013, thanks, again, to dedicated teachers. At this moment, he hesitates between a career in medicine or in law. Tempted by the profession of psychiatrist, his heart will finally choose international law.

“I already spoke several languages ​​(English, Spanish, Mandarin) in high school and I had long dreamed of a career around the world. Which would not have been possible in medicine. It must also be said that I like to challenge the system and the rules.”

He then began studying law in specializing in a master’s degree in international lawL. During these years, he took every opportunity to travel. He did a year of exchange in China, then a semester in Argentina in a law firm.

In 2018, back in France, he took a gap year in order to be able to integrate American firms in Paris. “I see that the profession of lawyer suits me better with cases of international scope.”

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scholarship of Excellence

Karim M’ziani obtains an excellence scholarship to integrate Duke University in the United States in order to specialize in dispute resolution between states, companies and institutions. An entire program.

Professional photo of Karim in his office in an American office in Paris. Credit Karim M’ziani.

Once again in France, he collaborated in another Parisian firm then joined a school to successfully prepare for the competition to access the New York bar. Now the lawyer, who speaks four languages ​​fluently, still has to work for two years in France before realizing another dream and seeing his office transferred to Washington.

In the meantime, Karim N’ziani lives shared accommodation in the capital with his best friend met on the benches of the school montargoise, which, him, undertook studies… of psychiatrist.

Cécile Kettanjian and Sylvain Riollet


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