“Justice out of breath”: in Créteil, lawyers and magistrates call with one voice for more resources

Justice is bad. And it’s bad for everyone. This is the meaning of the motion which has just been adopted by lawyers and magistrates of the Créteil court. Few are the jurisdictions where the two companies have thus displayed themselves in close rank since November 23, the date of publication of a forum in Le Monde denouncing a “breathless” justice. Signed by 3,000 magistrates and court clerks, it had a wide echo, bringing in its wake numerous anonymous and non-personal testimonials from professionals used.

“We, lawyers of the Val-de-Marne Bar and magistrates of the Judicial Court of Créteil, 4th jurisdiction of France, we associate ourselves established with the findings made in the gallery”, reveals this text, signed on the lawyers’ side of the lawyers’ union of France (SAF), on the magistrates’ side of the magistrates’ union (USM) and the magistrates’ union (SM).

“We got closer at the beginning of the week for the drafting, says Kristel Lepeu, lawyer at the bar of Val-de-Marne to which nearly 600 lawyers are attached. The motion was adopted this Thursday evening by the Council of the Bar of Val-de-Marne and Friday morning by the general meeting of the court. Almost unanimously”.

“Lawyers are victims of this, as are litigants”

“Lawyers who smoke go to what is denounced because they are also victims, just like the litigants, explains the lawyer. In Créteil, you have to wait fourteen months to have a hearing with the family affairs judge (JAF). We suffer from understaffing, delays, overdue services. We are also losing the trust of the litigants”.

In this common text, the lawyers and magistrates of Créteil say they regret that the “overload of certain services” leads to a “lengthening of hearing times”, protest against the “lack of means” which leads magistrates, clerks and lawyers, “situations of daily suffering”. They ask for “an investment plan in line with the need for justice of a growing population” and that “human beings be put back at the center of this institution”.

“This tribune without filter of magistrates asks several questions, had reacted during the publication of the World Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti. That of the means, that of the consideration that we owe to the magistrates and which is falling apart and that more structural of the organization of work”.

Before receiving a few days later about thirty of its signatories. And to evoke “without taboo, all their concerns”. Since then, other motions have been passed in many jurisdictions.

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