Julien Gangnet knows how to break into the info world

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20 minutes Books, recommend you My business model by Julien Gangnet, published on August 25, 2021 by Éditions La Dilettante.

His favorite quote:

“You’re not the disabled percentage of the company, stop thinking you’ve come in through the window. Listen carefully, the lead is not to be asked, it is torn off. You don’t owe anyone anything. »

Why this book?

  • Because for a first novel, it’s a success, the author leads us carelessly into the world of information processing: “Saturate the news, diffuse anxiety, burn public opinion to the point of nausea. And charge. Armed with a gang of snitches recruited on the street, he set up his own press agency and made himself indispensable.
  • Because it’s a gallery of colorful characters: a couple of extraordinary lesbians (one of them is a practicing Muslim who disfigured her husband, the other is a dominating prostitute) who met in prison, drug addicts on the loose, young teenagers in the middle of a war neighborhood and a childhood friend who plays marabouts. Everyone brings their share of humanity without ever being caricatured.
  • Because behind this character who learns the laws of the market, marketing, management, a fragile being takes shape, abused during his childhood. A revenge is built to finally come to terms with himself, and this also passes to correct the abusive parents. “When you’re treated like shit, chances are you’ll do shit. It’s the vicious circle to justify abuse. »

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. A lost young man, mistreated in his childhood between a drug-addicted mother and an insensitive father, arrives thanks to Pôle emploi in the middle of press agencies. With the help of his two surrogate mothers and a network of informants, he will become the number one supplier of news items in France.

Characters. Jo Hakim, a solitary loser who drags his childhood, Mr. Camara his Pôle emploi adviser, Dom and Keltoune his surrogate mothers, Jules his childhood friend converted into a marabout, the snitches from eastern Paris.

Places. Paris.

The time. Current.

The author. We know very little about Julien Gangenet, born in 1969, and his many activities with varying fortunes… My business model is his first novel.

This book was read with a lot of interest, in addition to this success story at the limit of legality, the author questions us about the processing of information with talent and dread. A great success for a first novel.

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