Julien Bée (Les Débriefeurs Gold FM): “There was not that much waste but we do not feel a huge serenity on the side of the Girondins on Gaëtan Poussin”

In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julien Bee spoke following the draw between the Girondins of Bordeaux and Valenciennes (0-0)on behalf of the first day of 2BKT League. He notably mentioned the goalkeeper Gaetan Poussin.

“There aren’t many players who can take the pressure on the side of the Girondins bis. I would still like to mention the case of one of the most experienced players in this collective, who has been there for a long time, it is Gaetan Poussin. Once again, when we hear on the right, on the left that we are looking for an experienced goalkeeper… Gaetan Poussin had a lot of balls at his feet this Saturday. There hasn’t been that much waste, but we don’t feel an enormous serenity on the side of the Girondins on Gaetan Poussin. »

Then he spoke about the fact that Bordeaux was going to be highly anticipated this season:

“This team of Bordeaux going to have a series of games, they will be the team to beat, that’s for sure. On all the lawns of Ligue 2, Bordeaux will be, with Saint Etienne, the team to hit because club, club that has won a lot of historic championships. This is also what could be risky for the Girondins in this League 2 what’s so hard is being a team that everyone wants to hit. »

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The post-game podcast:

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