Johann (Gold FM Debriefer): “If he is well surrounded, it’s a season where he can easily score between 15 and 20 goals”

In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julian came back with Jeans on Sekou Mara. The player will have the opportunity to stay in the League or leave with the Girondins in Ligue 2.

“In any case, the management will have to work hard to keep Sekou Mara. We’re going to have to really focus our team on League 2 on Sekou Mara, presenting the project like that by telling him that it was going to be one of the basic men, regardless of the coach. I think that Sekou Mara is a boy who still has his head on his shoulders, he is well surrounded and for him it is better to have a project based on him in League 2 rather than going to sign in an average club of League 1. We’re not going to fool ourselves either, Sekou Mara will not sign at Lyons or at monaco so it would be better for him to stay at Bordeauxto surround himself with players who will stay and whom he knows well like Thibault Klidje, Dilane Bakwaframed by Paul Baysse and I think that 2-3 other elements of the reserve will also go up for the next year. He won’t be in the unknown and that can only be beneficial for him and for us. We can already see that at the end of the season he is hungry for balls, he has scored several goals in a short space of time, it’s all good. Fr League 2 he can really be a very great scorer if he has good balls, if he is well surrounded it is a season where he can easily score between 15 and 20 but if we have a very good season, there is no no photo. I say that because I’m a little League 2.

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