Johann (Gold FM Debriefer): “Everyone will be waiting for us because everyone will tick the Girondins de Bordeaux”

In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julien Bee came back with Jeanson the draw of Girondins to deal with Valenciennes (0-0). The Bordeaux team will be eagerly awaited this season, which may make the task even more difficult.

“In fact, it’s going to be the workhorse and the red thread of this season of League 2. Bordeaux is going to be expected at every play. There’s not a team that’s gonna tell themselves they’re above Bordeaux so we can leave them with the game, no! Everybody gon’ wait for us ’cause everybody gon’ tick the boxes Girondins of Bordeaux. There is only to see Dijon who typed Saint Etienne therefore nothing is acquired. This is why we will have to quickly recruit experienced players and especially seasoned players at the League 2. Compared to last season we had taken foreign players on the right, on the left, it had not worked. In addition to loans therefore not concerned. The, Admar Lopes and Gerard Lopez have no room for error. We must not go looking for foreign players who do not know the championship because we are heading for a disaster. There are still free players, others who are waiting to sign at Bordeaux apparently, from what he said Gerard Lopez pre-game. We will have to really reduce the workforce, not to set aside the youth because they have shown that we would need them. The passion and talent they have will be very useful to us during the season. Toulouse last year they did with experience and also a lot of youth from their training center and it worked. Why it wouldn’t work Bordeaux ? You have to put all the ingredients in the balance to have a good season and that goes through a good recruitment of seasoned players and above all not taking the opponents down because once again, there are going to be big big games to Bordeauxaway and derbies, especially against Niort. They are going to want to tap Bordeaux because it is Bordeaux. ยป

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