[J1] Julien Bée’s TOPS/FLOPS (Les Débriefeurs Gold FM): “I always found him well placed, never taken from behind. He was very solid, he brought a certain serenity”

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In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julien Bee delivered its TOPS and FLOPS during this Bordeaux – Valenciennes, on behalf of the 1st day of Ligue 2 BKT.



” I put Onana Junior first. Quite honestly in the pre-match, Marc (another debriefer) was very worried about Onana. When we were talking about this midfielder who seemed the most experienced and who was perhaps going to bring us something positive, Marc put a big damper on Onana saying that he was not going to give what he needed, for fear of hurting himself, his head elsewhere etc… To try to counter the argument, I replied that if he was a starter in this kind of match c It’s because there have been discussions with the coaches, especially the head coach. He must have told her that if he doesn’t feel like doing it, you don’t. I see it like that. […] It turns out that today Onana Junior one made too many mistakes. Isn’t he giving it his all because he’s afraid of getting hurt? Because he knows he’s leaving? I don’t know and we know it’s going to be a good windfall for the club. I actually find that in the investment that is not going at all. I put after Stian Greggersen which I found a little technically limited and especially at times, not requested in agreement with Junior Mwanga. It’s a shame because I think it was a pair that could be interesting. It is sure that it will change afterwards with the return of Yoann Barbet. Quite frankly Stian Greggersen scared me a little bit about this match I admit. And I put Gaetan Poussin en 3. I hesitated between two men. It is true that Gaetan Poussin is not a player who gives us serenity and on the position of goalkeeper we need serenity. It is clear that he is struggling to give us some, whether on foot or in his investments, in his outing in the first half where it is very limited frankly. He was still with guards like Benoit Costil and he saw well that an exit like that you do not do! This scared me a little bit. And I put in 3 and a half tied, Logan Delaurier Chaubet because it’s true that I expected a lot from this youngster who had shown us some very good things in the preparation matches. I had looked at the matches, the CVs, in his placement, in his accelerations, in his desire. Was he a little inhibited by the Matmut Atlantic ? I don’t know but he saw him in less shape, he dribbled less and brought a little bit of pep to this match, it’s a shame. »


Mensah / Niang

” I’ll put Junior Mwanga because frankly, pleasantly surprised. I found him always well placed, never taken from behind. He was very solid, he brought a certain certainty that finally Stian Greggersen and Gaetan Poussin did not bring. It’s quite strange but yet it was the youngster who brought the most defensive serenity that I find. Then I will put Dilan Bakwa and Malcom Bokele. Bakwa is the one who was the most stirring offensively, who showed things. He had that shot that could have brought that goal, he was really the player who hit. Finally what I expected Logan Delaurier Chaubetit is Dilan Bakwa who brought him to this game. Then Malcom Bokele not easy when you are a central defender to play like that on the side. He ended up cooked, cramps etc… He gave a lot. The two secondaries were quite interesting but I would have liked them to be a little more offensive. I think they are a little young, they want to be as simple as possible and not get caught in the back. Congratulations to them because it was not easy. »

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