it should soon be possible to swipe more efficiently

Google Messages is coming soon with the ability to customize left or right swipe actions.

The Material You interface on Google Messages // Source: Frandroid

Those who like to sort their emails as soon as they have a little time probably know this little trick on Gmail: you can swipe left or right to adjust their account to unwanted emails, a bit like Tinder .

According to 9to5Googlewho dug into the APK of Google Messages, an upcoming version of the app may integrate this well-known gesture into Google’s messaging.

Avoid mistakes

The problem is that since the integration of navigation by gestures, accidents have happened quickly. For example, you can go back rather than archive a conversation, which can be a bit frustrating.

To avoid this, Google Messages will soon integrate a new menu allowing you to customize the actions that will result from your swipes.

Clearly, you can choose to assign an action to a swipe to the left and another to a swipe to the right. For example, you can choose to archive a message or delete it. You can also choose to disable the gesture to avoid conflicts with backspace on Android.

9to5Google specifies however that, for the moment, the changes do not seem to work. The functionality does not seem quite ready yet.

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