it is now possible to repair Google smartphones yourself

Google’s Pixel smartphones can now be repaired by purchasing genuine parts and using official tutorials thanks to a partnership with iFixit.

The market for new technologies is increasingly starting to let consumers repair their devices themselves. Several brands have also decided to join forces with iFixit for this, a specialist in repair providing spare parts and tutorials. This is particularly the case for Samsung, Microsoft and Valve. Good news, Google has also just trusted the company by entrusting it with the mission of providing spare parts and repair tutorials for its smartphones pixel.

Google Pixels can be repaired by yourself

In the United States, Apple now allows self-repair of its iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and the recent iPhone SE 5G. Samsung also offers a similar alternative for Galaxy S20 and S21 by going directly through an intermediary, iFixit, providing spare parts and repair tutorials. Google has decided to opt for the same solution.

The American firm has just announced on June 29, 2022 that it has entered into a partnership with iFixit to offer original parts for its Pixel smartphones. iFixit points out on its official website: “We now have organ parts for your Google Pixel in stock, from Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. […] Repairability is a key feature for all phones and eliminating original spare parts is a crucial part of it – so long live the original parts for Google Pixel! “.

In details, we learn that the most important original parts (displays, batteries, charging ports, adhesives and rear module photo sensors) will be available in Europe, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. When the Pixel 7 launches this fall, spare parts will be available directly from iFixit.

In addition to this, the platform explains that “a complete collection of parts and repair tutorials” will arrive during the fall of 2022. The models already supported will benefit from other fur spare parts and as the weeks come. .

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