IT for Business – Le Magazine n°2266, November 2021

Contents > File: The automated company, a mechanism still poorly oiled / Survey: The DPO is still drawing its own contours / Interview: Stéphane Rousseau CIO of Eiffage / Portrait: Marc Mouttet, Pixid / Cigref, USF, Assises de la Cybersecurity , Green IT…

460kg: here is a weight that must resonate in the minds of CIOs today. This weight, too heavy, represents the equivalent in CO2 per year and per digital user in the office, tells us the Benchmark 2021 of
460 kilograms, it is already 27% of the sustainable CO2 energy footprint for a French person (to stay within the limit of 1.5% increase in global warming). While COP 26 brings together the international community in Glasgow, this measure (again) throws a stone in the polluted digital pond. The time is still urgent, despite the efforts made and the greater maturity of companies. But it’s all still a matter of compensation, whereas it must be prevention.

However, initiatives are emerging. Like those undertaken by Stephane Rousseau, Eiffage’s CIO on the cover of this issue, who provided tools for the group’s low-carbon strategy specializing in construction materials. Measures and best practices, it is still mentioned in the guide published by the Institut du Numérique Responsable (also present in this issue), which offers a reading grid for the eco-design of digital services.

The “Zero Carbon” effort of companies will not happen without rethinking the processes. AI and RPA will also have a role to play. File of the month is precisely dedicated to the automated company.

In a completely different field, also find in this issue our survey of the month which led the editorial staff to question the DPOs large companies on the organizational models now in place. Three years after the GDPR, the contours of the function are still emerging…

Also in this issue, Allianz, Manutan, Apicil Epargne, Suez, SNCF and Afflelou confided in IT For Business to share their uses and share their best practices.

Finally, the editorial staff offers you, as every month, to discover or rediscover some startups : Modjo (conversation analysis), GetCollective (project monitoring), Ideta (bots) and (vocal web advertisements) are the guests of this issue.

Welcome to IT for Business le magazine, n°2266… Here is the detailed summary:


“Building business applications under control in a sustainable IT”
Interview with Stephane Rousseau, CIO ofEiffage


The automated company: a mechanism that is still poorly oiled

– Automating : a fundamental trend that needs to be structured
– Accelerate satisfaction and experience
– To relieve buyers under pressure
– AI and RPA, the best friends of the HRD ?
– RPA, robots to adapter (almost) in permanence
– Governance : the essential buy-in from the professions


The DPO is still drawing its own outlines


Marc Mouttet, General Manager of Operations and IT at Pixid
“Excellence in digital services made easy”


ALLIANZFrance wants one IT envelope plus
MANUTAN boosts its responsiveness thanks to to AI
APICIL SAVINGS opens its digital platform to its ecosystem
SUEZ optimizes its rounds thanks to the data virtualization
SNCF embarks its 5,000 IT specialists in the supervision of the IS
AFFLELOU zooms in on its customers


– The big ones building sites of the new office of Cigref
– Security meetings
2021: an extended ecosystem that must cooperate
– L’FUS and SAP (re)depart from good foot


Pressure on wages at the end of the crisis


CIOs facing the real world of metaverses


IT “Green”, Year Zero


the collective game in cybersecurity is a absolute urgency
The market of the deep technology gets carried away in Europe


modjo analyzes the conversation commercial
GetCollective optimizes the monitoring of projects
ideata simplifies the creation of robots talk to them banners from the web


Towards a responsible digital standard

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