IT for Business – Le Magazine n°2265, October 2021

Contents > Dossier: Entering the new world of storage / Survey: Finding the right organization to enhance data / Interview: “We want to build an information system differently”, Stanislas Duthier, CIO of Groupe Rocher / Portrait: Mohamed Karouia , DSI Société du Grand Paris Express / Discover the summary of n°2265 of IT for Business.

As we remind Mohamed Karouia, CIO of the Société du Grand Paris Express to whom the picture of the month, “ without the human, there is something missing in business and technology “.
A phrase that resonates like a mantra of modern IT as companies try to find a place for humans in automation or in the acceleration of production cycles. And that, little by little, storage becomes a world without human beings or in any case without specialists, as the testimonies of our folder of the month which invites you to “enter the new world of storage”.

Nevertheless, contrary to appearances, people remain at the heart of IT and at the heart of this issue 2265 of IT for Business. Whether it is to implement a so-called “data-driven” strategy (the subject of our survey of the month), or integrate a form of eco-responsibility into its processes to make its IS more sustainable.

This inevitably involves people and their awareness. Stanislas Duthier, the DSI of the Rocher group, interviewed at length in this issue, explains his approach to the matter. With a will, build an IS differently.

Of the human, it is still a question whether it is with CISOs at the edge of the Burnout or whether it is with the reunion of a cyber ecosystem in FIC 2021 caught between the euphoria of regaining a social life and the sad reality of cyberattacks.

Of course, you will also find in this issue feedback of humans at the heart of the digital transformation of their company with in particular the testimonies of France Televisions (IA), of Lactalis (private cloud), BNP Paribas (SD-WAN), by La Macif (anti-fraud) or even Bordeaux Metropolis (application management).

And you will also find these humans at the heart of innovations and who drive the startups of the month: customs bridge, Eshard, Meta-API and EasyPicky.

welcome in the detailed summary ofIT for business n°2265


“We want to build an information system differently”
Interview with Stanislas Duthier, CIO of Rock Group


Enter the new world of storage

– The full flash, master of the place
Feedback: Portalliance trades a SAN for a IN THE
Feedback: Yohann Brossard, DPO of Grand Poitiers Urban Community
The backup as a last bastion
Expert advice : Protect its backups
Figeac Aero take off backup question
Expert advice : Worm and double human control
Archiving and Tape, always present
Expert advice : The band, key for costs and the durability


Find the right organization to enhance the data


Mohamed Karouia, DSI Grand Paris Express Company
“Without people, business and technology lack something”


France Televisions enriches its programs withHE
Lactalis replaces its 80 datacenters with a private cloud
BNP Paribas deploys SD-WAN in its 1800 French agencies
Bordeaux Metropolis orchestrates its application heritage
Macif extends its coverage anti-fraud


the state sets his doctrine to music cloud at the center »
– One FIC 2021 between euphoria and anxiety
Selling power will strengthen its presence in France by2022


The 4-day week, a path to explore


The company facing ransomware


R&D: Where to place the cursor between R and D?


– Agile hybridization : succeed in the cultural transformation of business and IT teams
– Win the new battle of the Edge Computing


customs bridge codes imported goods
eShard protects connected objects
Meta-API automates API integration
EasyPickyscrutinizes the shelves


Virtual reality to “feel” vehicle design?

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