ISSCA Business School in Sousse Diplomas in line with the professions of tomorrow

ISSCA Business School announces the launch of 3 professional Masters in line with the professions of tomorrow for the start of the 2022 academic year. The Master in Management of Start-ups and Artificial Intelligence; The Master’s in Economic and Financial Engineering – Fintech oriented; The Digital Marketing Master -open since 2020. ISSCA Business School opened its doors in 2018 in Sousse with the aim of training the managers of tomorrow. Attached to one of the largest economic players in the Sahel region, the Zouari Group, ISSCA Business School’s main advantage is its proximity to the business world. Training programs at Bachelor’s or Master’s level are reimbursed each year in order to meet the expectations of companies and the job market.

It is in this spirit that the programs for the new Masters have been developed, following meetings held with professionals from various sectors to understand the profiles sought and the new skills to be developed.

Since 2020, the Digital Marketing master has been training future professionals in the field at ISSCA.

During 2022, the Digital Marketing training program was redesigned to deal with current and future market developments.

It is a field that presents many opportunities for graduates, some of whom obtain job offers even before finishing their studies. Others have taken advantage of the support offered during these two years of training to launch their own projects.

The Start-up and Artificial Intelligence Management master’s degree is open to any profile intended to create or develop a start-up. The program of this professional master is the result of several meetings held with managers of start-ups in the Sousse region.

Companies have made a demand for managers who, in addition to mastering classic managerial knowledge and skills, are familiar with current trends related to digital transformation and the use of AI in all areas.

They start from the observation that management graduates master general concepts but do not have specific knowledge of startups and AI, while engineer profiles have a lack of management knowledge and tools for managerial thinking.

Graduates in Engineering or Management, all profiles can join the Master. Finally, the Master in Economic and Financial Engineering is intended for former expert engineers in finance and financial digitization.

The training offered as part of this Master gives an important focus to new technologies applied to Finance. In addition to the fundamentals of economic and financial engineering, this course aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to face the Fintech revolution.

Finally, the signing of an international partnership with ISIT PARIS, an establishment that is part of the University of Paris Panthéon Assas, also allows graduate students from ISSCA to enroll in a Master’s in Intercultural Management at ISIT in Paris. , a master who opens up many future opportunities in major international organizations.

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