Is the Axie Infinity developer involved in a hacking story?

You are probably familiar with the NFT Axie Infinity project. For those who don’t know the game, it’s a NFT collection which was released in 2018with as but either to collect the different creatures, or to carry out fights against different opponents having an NFT of this collection.

While some people identify the project with Pokémon or Crypto Kitties, its main goal is to breed creatures that each have different skills and powers. This is called over attesting a Play to win.

It is a project that has become very popular over time but recently the developer Axie Infinity’s Sky Mavis has been accused of hacking and theft of an astronomical sum. Let’s see together his answer in this blog post.

Did the developer of Axie Infinity really steal or hack?

First, here’s what Sky Mavis has been accused of. Last March, the Ronin blockchain suffered a hack. As a result of this hack, over 3 million AXS tokens would have been moved de Ronin has an account in the hours leading up to this hack.

Sky Developer Mavis claims Trung Nguyen redirected the money to its wallet in order to protect the company but also to be able to help the various users from the consequences of piracy.

The CEO adds, “In fact, the founding team even deposited $7.5 million from a multi-sig wallet known to Axie TO Ronin Network before the bridge was closed to avoid avoiding surveillance from short sellers. . »

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The CEO also affirms that: “the founding team chose the transfer from my portfolio to ensure that short sellers, who runs the official wallets of Axie, would not be able to beat the news. »

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