In these cities, the garbage trucks will run on frying oil

To limit pollution due to diesel, villages equip garbage trucks with used frying oil, this is revealed by Le Figaro. After its first use, the fat is recovered and then reworked to make biofuel. The process is simple: “The oils are filtered and the water and all the impurities are removed from them thanks to a 100% ecological process”, describes Michel Millares, president of Gecco (fuel specialist).

For the moment, this new type of gasoline is only very little known with only 2 trucks using it out of 78. However, from a financial point of view, the operation is not therefore viable since , Admittedly, fuel made from frying oil is less expensive to buy, but the trucks that are equipped with it consume much more.

A lower carbon footprint

The mayor of Béthune prefers to invoke the ecological argument to explain the choice of using B-100, the name given to this new fuel. Olivier Gacquerre explains: “This will reduce the carbon footprint by 90%. The problem lies in the quantity of resulting oil since the manufacture of this new fuel requires a large number of liters of oil. To collect as much as possible, an appeal has been launched to the inhabitants and several chip shops are also participating.


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The State also seems to be considering this initiative since the National Assembly now allows the use of edible oils to make fuel. The concern is that the amount of oil is quite low and this practice is only a niche at the moment.


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