In Coray, the Sivalodet raises awareness among schoolchildren about water pollution – Coray

“Here begins the sea” is an awareness campaign on water pollution led by Sivalodet for the municipalities of the Odet catchment area. The municipality wanted to involve the school in this operation. Thus, Thursday June 16, Lionel Calvez, technician of Sivalodet, intervened at the school of Leurgadoret where the children of CE2, CM1 and CM2 attended an animation on the cycle of water thanks to a model of the watershed of the Odet.

15 nails distributed in the village

Then, they participated in the installation of the first brass urban nail near a rainwater drain at the school in the presence of the director, their teachers and the mayor Joëlle Le Bihan. Fourteen other urban nails will be distributed in the town. On these golden nails, the inscription “Do not throw anything away, here begins the sea” frames the drawing of a salmon. This initiative recalls the journey of waste (cigarettes, papers, etc.) from land to sea so that everyone becomes aware of the impact they can have on their immediate environment and encourages good citizenship, ie throwing rubbish in a trash can.

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