Icade Santé innovates with the installation of low-carbon glass in a polyclinic

Polyclinic of the Park in Caen

This is a first in France. Icade Santé and Saint-Gobain Glass have installed a range of glass with the lowest carbon footprint on the market (7 kg CO2 eq./m²) at the Parc polyclinic in Caen*. “This industry first was achieved by producing a combination of high recycled glass content (approximately 70% cullet) and the use of renewable energy. This innovation will make it possible to significantly reduce the carbon footprint during the renovation of the carpentry of the Polyclinic du Parc and will contribute to accelerating the development of the circular economy,” explains Icade Santé.

Developed by Saint-Gobain Glass, the new Cool-Lite® Xtreme low carbon range has the lowest carbon footprint on the market with a reduction of around 40% compared to the European average value of its products. “Since facades represent up to 20% of a building’s carbon footprint, the new range will greatly contribute to reducing the environmental impact of buildings. »

This renovation operation is part of the energy renovation plan led by Icade Santé, which aims to reduce the carbon intensity of its facilities by 37% by 2030.

*The Polyclinic du Parc is a medical, surgical and obstetrics (MCO) establishment created by the Elsan group in Caen, with 228 beds and places, over an area of ​​approximately 21,000 m².

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