I tested for you the new Business Class from Corsair

In addition to his connections historical to the West Indies in particular, Corsair has just opened a new link between Paris Orly and Miami, Florida.

It is from Orly Terminal 4, in a renovated airport, that Corsair operates its four weekly flights to Miami, while waiting to increase its frequencies.

Departing from Paris, the flight takes off at the end of the morning, thus allowing an arrival at the end of the afternoon in the ” capital city from Florida.

For check-in in Business, two counters reserved for 12 passengers in this new class. Attentive welcome from a young woman with all smiles, very quick check-in and on the way to the ” journey in a traditional Parisian airport before reaching the Corsair lounge.

In Business at Corsair, the passenger benefits from passage N°1, which is faster and above all less congested. Unfortunately, and as still too often in our Paris airports, the “Parafe” passage only has, when we took it, a single cabin in working order!

On the other hand, the new facial recognition system is much more efficient than the old system where it was done using fingerprints… which worked when it had time. How many times have we been stuck in the cabin, awaiting rescue by an often hilarious policeman!

From now on, the Corsair lounge is in a bonded area. Very bright, divided into small “cosy” and comfortable spaces, the traveler has everything they need before embarking on a long-distance flight. And this, whatever the boarding time!

At the time of our boarding, not only did the buffet have everything that can make up a breakfast “ classic “, but, for the most ” delighted “, champagnes and wines of great vintages are also available.


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