how to make your business more profitable?

Do you want to make your business and your turnover more profitable? Discover the most effective solutions to achieve this.

Are you looking for solutions to increase the turnover of your company?

In a highly competitive market, optimizing an organization’s profitability requires meticulous planning and action.

Indeed, it is necessary to think carefully about its interventions and to carry out an evolutionary implementation of the adopted strategy.

Following this dynamic, there are essential levers on which any good manager must rely.

What levers are we talking about?

Communication: displaying yourself more effectively

The first lever for increasing sales within a company is communication.

In the digital age, it is no longer a question of launching all-out emailing campaigns.

While these solutions are still effective, you should accompany them with the most up-to-date options.

With this in mind, 3 actions seem to be necessary:

The creation of a website dedicated to the company;

The multiplication of communication channels;

The implementation of a precise marketing strategy.

Putting your website online

A priori, any modern company must already have its website.

If you don’t have one yet, this is your first step towards business development.

The net is proving to be a market with multiple advantages for all sectors.

Whether it is an online store or a showcase site for a service company, with a site, you will make yourself better known.

In reality, most individuals today prefer to search the internet to determine the solutions to their needs.

Any professional who wishes to shine as a specialist will have to create a website.

With this website, he will display his achievements, communicate with his visitors and convince them of his expertise.

Have multiple communication channels

Multiplying your communication channels is the second basis on which to base your optimization actions.

To do this, you must create accounts for your business on the most well-known social networks as well as various popular platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube…

All channels are good for hitting as many targets as possible.

Once your presence on the net has been acquired, through your website and your pages on social networks, this is the place to take an interest in marketing.

Adopt an effective marketing strategy

You must make a choice of marketing strategy to progress online.

Generally, this decision requires diagnostics and obviously the intervention of specialists in the field.

However, there is a marketing strategy highly valued by companies for its effectiveness. This is Inbound Marketing.

Adapted to the realities of the 21ᵉ century, it can be implemented in your company according to the following steps:

Holding new visitors;

Convert visitors into leads;

Convert leads into customers;

Build customer loyalty.

Holding new visitors

A successful inbound marketing strategy starts with attracting new visitors to your web pages.

In other words, you need to make various improvements in your online content production to engage more with the world.

In this context, you will have to create a fictitious representation of the ideal client whose needs you will have to identify.

As soon as you understand your target’s areas of interest, focus all the content you publish on your platforms there.

At the same time, consider structuring your texts well to benefit from optimal natural referencing.

Indeed, for more visibility and attraction of visitors, your contents must satisfy the criteria of appreciation of the search engines.

It is then that your offers will be proposed ideally during the searches of Internet users.

Writing quality texts is thus very technical (key words, structure, readability, etc.).

You can hire specialists for this purpose.

Also, you have the options of netlinking, paid referencing, partnerships with influencers to better display your offers.

The goal is always to attract more visitors to your offers.

Once this milestone is reached, you must convert them into leads.

Convert visitors into leads

You have interesting traffic to your offers; it’s time to convert your visitors into prospects or leads.

At this level, the objective is to be able to maintain contact with the Internet user after visiting your website.

You will need to create a journey that captures their attention until they give you their contact details.

Several tools can be used to achieve this mission. Among the most used of them are:

CTAs (call to action): these are formulas inserted into your content (do not hesitate to… write directly to…) to encourage the visitor to contact you;

Landing pages: these are landing pages that promote an offer and lead to contact forms;

Premium content: these are exceptional offers announced to the general public on your page, but do not reserve the benefit to those who show great interest in your products;

Contact forms: these are information sheets generally slipped into the procedure for obtaining welcome gifts on a platform. They are used to purify the contact details of visitors;

The conversion tunnels, the thank you page…

Transform your leads and customers

This step turns out to be the most important of the process.

Indeed, it is she who allows you to concretely increase your sales.

You must, with patience and subtlety, try to convince your prospects to buy your products or use your services.

The key to success here is knowing how to offer the right offers at the right times.

You must stay in contact with the target without appearing invasive.

So work on the relevance and personalization of all your content to send them.

Prospects feel considered in their specificities. Follow the progress of the process to determine the favorable level of sale.

For example, you can implement a lead scoring system.

This will be used to assign scores to each prospect to identify the “hottest” for a purchase.

You will thus know the efforts to be made on a case-by-case basis to conclude a sale.

Build customer loyalty

Your inbound marketing strategy doesn’t stop at converting leads into customers.

You need to think about customer retention; a key step in creating an autonomous development path for your business.

In reality, loyal customers are the basis for attracting new leads.

so check your satisfaction and they promote your products for free and effectively.

Customers just need some attention after purchase.

Whether through your after-sales service, your satisfaction surveys, your responses to opinions and comments… you will win their loyalty. Just show them great interest in their concerns and opinions about your products or services.

Internal processes: restructuring your business

Business development cannot rely solely on a strategy directed towards the outside of the company.

You should also take a close look at your internal processes to determine and implement any required optimizations.

The restructuring of operations goes through two major stages: the establishment of an evolving business model and then the constant evaluation of activities.

Provide your company with an evolving business model.

This action can be seen as the basis of the process of effective restructuring.

The business model actually designates a document that outlines with precision and clarity the objectives of the company.

It lays the foundations of all your actions towards a certain and desired development.

To develop it, you must start by defining objectives with deadlines for achievement.

For example, several companies set the minimum turnover threshold to be achieved per year.

The evolutionary aspect of your business model will concern the renewal of your objectives with more ambitions.

My advice: stay in perpetual progression so as not to lose ground on the market.

Moreover, a company that does not adapt to its environment for a long time eventually disappears.

So let yourself be tempted by bigger goals every time; always within the framework of your initial vision.

If you lack inspiration on this subject, you can cultivate yourself by reading topics related to increasing business performance.

This certainly allows you to find new buts to reach.

Evaluate your activities

This step is accompanied by a decision to continue or discontinue practices within the company.

It is precisely a matter of carrying out periodic checks on the progress of activities in order to ensure real consistency with the objectives set.

This way, you avoid getting sidetracked from the organization’s vision by making readjustments.

A well-done evaluation should follow the following methodology:

Re-appropriation of the objectives set;

The inventory;

The determination of any gap between experience and achievement;

Identification of the causes of malfunctions;

The adoption of corrective measures;


The innovation component deserves some clarification

It does not mean taking simple internal decisions to re-motivate your employees and correct errors. Its objective is rather to reconcile your strategy on the market and your internal processes.

Thus, one can also touch on the external aspects of the company on the basis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Keep in mind that an external key can be a reporter of great internal optimizations.

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