How Orange Business Services gave a new face to its event strategy with video

Over the past two years, the events industry has been hit hard by the health crisis. For agencies and companies, a solution had to be found quickly to avoid the loss of momentum. The sector has found in digital, and more particularly videoconferencing, a palliative. Initially temporary, this model now seems to be permanent.

For Orange Business Services, an Orange entity dedicated to businesses and organisations, video has made it possible to bounce back and seize new opportunities, in particular thanks to Livestorm, a video engagement platform. Guillaume Dussubieux, Director of the company’s Event Factory, discusses the use of this technology in the company’s event strategy.

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Organizer of virtual events, a process full of challenges

At first glance, the organization of virtual events appeared to be a major upheaval for many companies. Indeed, the event strategy had to be completely redesigned, and several challenges had to be overcome. The first was to find the right digital solution, which could be used by digital neophytes as well as experts. ” We needed a platform that, in addition to meeting our security criteria, especially in terms of GDPR, could allow us to organize webinars very quickly and easily. “, adds Guillaume Dussubieux.

The second, and not least, was to succeed in creating events as captivating and interactive as the face-to-face conferences. This is a real challenge, especially when you know that participants are more easily distracted from a distance due to repeated notifications. “ We had to think about the format of our virtual events, as well as the capabilities to make them as engaging as possible, as well as the data we could retrieve afterwards to analyze the performance of our online events. says the Director of the Orange Business Services Event Factory.

Give a new dimension to events thanks to Livestorm

To address these challenges, the company opted for the Livestorm video engagement platform. Created in 2016, it allows you to organize virtual events from A to Z. “ Livestorm offers very useful engagement features for discussing and engaging: in addition to chat and emojis available to participants to express themselves, the poll feature is very practical for ensuring that the subject has been understood. , and possibly go even further with the questions window “, explains Gilles Bertaux, CEO and Co-founder of the platform.

This type of functionality, used by Orange Business Services, makes it possible to create an interactive event. Since May 2020, the company has hosted 135 webinars with the solution. It has an average attendance rate of 53%, which is 28% higher than the industry, with 146 messages posted and 14 questions asked, generating excellent engagement for its events.

Another important point, the solution allows each company to access all the necessary services in one place, without having to use several tools. An advantage that weighs in the balance when choosing a video conferencing platform. ” The simplicity of the solution gives us great autonomy and flexibility in terms of organization and therefore time savings: our teams can organize their events online completely independently, just a few days before, and in a few minutes. adds Guillaume Dussubieux.

Since webinars are powerful levers for generating leads, Orange Business Services also needed a powerful tracking tool, which it was also able to find at Livestorm. ” The dashboard available on the platform allows us to access data related to the event and to extract the listings of customers and/or prospects that we can thus relaunch. It is a clear advantage from a business point of view to refine projects or make a commercial appointment to meet their needs. », affirms the Director of the Event Factory of the company. These precise statistics are also useful for broadening the knowledge of your leads. It is then possible for him to improve his next virtual events and to offer content more suited to his target.

For Orange Business Services as for companies that have opted for the video strategy, the goal is now to adapt this model to the desires and needs of individuals. ” People feel much more solicited by online events, but still want to keep their comfort, and not move around as much as before. So we have to find a balance adds Guillaume Dussubieux.

It should therefore be said that some adjustments are still necessary to sustain this model. For companies, the objective is to be more selective, qualitative and engaging, and this, ” thanks to the features offered by video engagement platforms », assures the Director of the Event Factory of Orange Business Services. Undoubtedly, Livestorm will play a key role in meeting this challenge.

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