How do I use a PS4 Gold or Platinum headset on PS5?

New tips How do I use a PS4 Gold or Platinum headset on PS5?

The PlayStation 5 has already been released in certain territories, and is about to land in Europe! In order to best prepare you for the arrival of what may be your main next-gen console, we are continuing our overview of compatibility with the hardware of its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 of course! The latter had a range of official audio headsets available in two versions, “Gold” and “Platinum”, which could be used wirelessly on the machine. sony, in addition to being of course usable with a cable on any other device with a jack. Today we explain how to use them on a PS5.

PS4 headsets are PS5 compatible.

Good news for owners of an official PS4 headset: despite the existence of the “Pulse” 3D audio headset for PS5, the “old” model is 100% compatible, whether you use it wired or not! To use it in wireless mode, you will need the USB sensor to plug into one of the ports of your PS5, and the synchronizer: it will then be recognized in the same way as if you use it on a PS4. Of course, to work wired, just plug it into the port of your DualSense controller (or Dual Shock 4 if you play a PS4 game) and the detection will be immediate.

How do I use a PS4 Gold or Platinum headset on PS5?

Pulse headset is recommended to enjoy 3D audio on PS5.

Which model of helmet to favor on PS5?

However, we recommend that you prefer the official PS5 headset for games optimized for the new generation of PlayStation consoles: the Pulse headset is the only official Sony compatible with the machine’s 3D audio technology, and you would be deprived of certain features and improvements in sound reproduction by playing PS5 games with a headset designed for PS4. However, the latter is still recommended for PS4 games that will allow you to play on PS5!

The Gold PS4 headset is detected by the PS5, wired or wireless.

How do I use a PS4 Gold or Platinum headset on PS5?

If you want to go deeper into the question and get more help, don’t hesitate to consult the PlayStation 5 forum on to discuss with other PS5 console users!

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