Hot day at Houndé Gold Operation

It’s been hot at Houndé Gold Operation, a subsidiary of the Canadian group Endeavor Mining, since May 17, 2022. The city is in turmoil. Spontaneous protests erupted between miners and gold mine workers.

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According to information from Burkina24, traditional gold miners blame mine officials for having monopolized their sites. Indeed, these gold miners had been cleared, yesterday May 16, 2022, of the sites which they exploited. This is how they decided to storm the mine and set fire to its facilities.

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Several services are not working, in particular the Town Hall, schools and certain places of commerce. ” All is firm “said Adolphe Koala, former first deputy mayor of Houndé. Smoke rises from the mine. A mine official was told Burkina24 that his vehicle was burned.

Adama Traoré, President of the Comité de Veille Citoyenne (CVC), a civil society movement very committed to transparent management of public finances in Houndé, confirmed that several staff vehicles were set on fire by traditional gold miners in a mood spontaneous.

According to Adolphe Koala, former interim mayor of Houndé, the latter had gathered in the city center first, in “very large” numbers before heading towards the mine. And any mine vehicle was ransacked in their path. The security at the level of the mine remained powerless in the face of the large number of miners who also ransacked the gate, listening to the former aedile.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the slingers gained access to the factory and even tried to gain access to the mine safe. In this attempt, they crossed a Malagasy on their way whom they molested, believing that the latter held the code of the safe. Wasted effort. The Malagasy escaped with serious injuries. Our source adds that the burnt vehicles have been selected. “We leave the vehicles whose owners we know and set fire to the others,” she says.

As a reminder, Houndé Gold Operation is located in Houndé, capital of the province of Tuy, Hauts-Bassins region, a town located 250 km at sunset from Ouagadougou. This urban commune is home to one of the thirteen (13) industrial gold mines operating in Burkina Faso.



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