Home insurance: is it necessary for a seasonal rental?

What are the rules for home insurance?

A homeowner is not required to insure their home.. Please note, however, that this approach may be imposed by certain co-ownership regulations, for collective housing. In addition, the co-owners must at least take a liability insurance. In the event of a claim, an owner occupying his home who has not signed aHome Insurance shall bear the cost of damages and repairs alone.

The tenant, on the other hand, is obliged to take out home insurance. The owner who rents his accommodation must ensure this through the delivery ofan insurance certificate when entering the premises and each year thereafter.

Regarding the seasonal rental, there is no insurance obligation, neither on the side of the owner, nor on the side of the tenant..

Make sure the vacation time

According to an Ifop poll for Interhome France, 55% of French people plan to go on vacation this summer. 44% have chosen France, 11% are thinking of going abroad. While Spain tops the list of destinations outside France, Occitania and New Aquitaine are the preferred destinations for tourists who stay within our borders. In terms of accommodation, the French opt for top-of-the-range campsites, furnished rentals, apartments or gîtes.

Most multi-risk home insurance policies come with a “resort guarantee” clause., recalls the Meilleurtaux platform. A clause that protects against accidents and damage during stays of less than three months. If this clause is non-existent or to better protect themselves, some owners can also choose to insure themselves and/or their tenants for the tourist season. If provided for in the contract, an owner lessor of a tourist accommodation may also require its visitors to take out personal insurance.

Airbnb, Gîtes de France: integrated or compulsory insurance

If you opt for specific insurance for vacation time, you will then have to indicate the resort, the dates and the nature of the property. A solution that may be relevant in the event of a group holiday, with children, an au pair, a cleaning lady and if the equipment available on site is expensive and/or dangerous.


“AirCover is comprehensive protection for hosts. It includes Guest Liability Insurance, Experiences Liability Insurance and Guest Damage Waiver, all three up to US$1 million (…)”.

Regarding rentals on platforms like Airbnb, the price includes cover for tenants in the event of a claim occurring in the accommodation. Owners of rented accommodation can take out the Air Cover warranty. On the Gîtes de France side, rental companies have theobligation to take out civil liability or vacation insurance.

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