Here are the stars who abuse their carbon footprint

On July 19, Kylie Jenner caused a scandal on the Web. The reason ? She had shared a photo of herself in front of her private jet and that of her companion Travis Scott and was hesitating between leaving with hers or that of her spouse. All this for a journey of only a few kilometres, approximately 12 minutes.

Very quickly, the controversy had swelled on the Web. And even if this scandal has its place and reveals serious problems of climate responsibility, the media Just Jared revealed the ranking of the stars who pollute the most with their private jet.

An unexpected classification

digital marketing agency, Court, conducted a survey to determine which celebrities emitted the most CO2 in their private planes. Results ? Kylie Jenner doesn’t even make the Top 10.

According Just Jared, in tenth place, we would find rapper Travis Scott, companion of Kylie Jenner, with 3,033.3 metric tons for an 8-minute flight. He is followed by presenter Oprah Winfrey who took around 68 flights with an average duration of 14 minutes. In the top 10, we also find Mark Wahlberg, Kim Kardashian, Steven Spielberg, Blake Shelton or even Alex Rodriguez, the ex of J-Lo.

And the top 3 is…

And in the top 3 celebrities who pollute the most, we find in third place, rapper and producer Jay-Z, with 6,981.3 metric tons and more than 136 thefts. In second place is Floyd Mayweather with 7,076.8 metric tons and an average of 10 minutes of flight time. Finally, at the top of the list, it is the singer Taylor Swift who pollutes the planet the most with her private jet. It cumulates approximately 8,293.54 metric tons with more than 170 flights and an average of 80 minutes per flight. Just that !

One thing is certain, it might be time to educate the stars on the use of a private jet…

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