he accumulates offenses at the wheel of his Golf

A 21-year-old young man, living in Jonage, was taken into police custody on Monday July 18 after having multiplied traffic offenses while driving his Volkswagen Golf.

Friday, July 15, around 7 p.m., this driver is checked, rue de la République in La Verpillière, because he is not belted. The gendarmes of the motorized platoon of La Verpillière also note that the car is not insured and that the young man has not returned his driving license after the first traffic offenses committed several months back. He is then subjected to various screenings and the one concerning narcotics proves positive. Moreover, a small quantity of cannabis resin is discovered on him.

His car is immediately immobilized, his license withheld. And the young man is called back on Monday, pending confirmation of the analyses. At the end of his police custody on Monday, he was released not without a summons to court for the lack of insurance, driving under the influence of narcotics, failure to wear a seat belt . On the other hand, he will not be authorized to drive despite an injunction to surrender his license. Because he never knew about it. Finally, he will have to follow a stage of road safety awareness. In the meantime, he can no longer drive because his license remains confiscated for six months, in addition to a loss of eight points.

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