HCorpo launches H-Board, its new business analysis tool

The hotel spend optimization and reservation solution unveils H-Board, a new tool allowing companies to obtain better visibility of their hotel spend.

A new dynamic business analysis tool that aims to help companies better manage their hotel expenses. Reserved for Travel managers and buyers, it has been designed to make their daily lives easier. “H-Board is an interactive platform with a fluid and intuitive interface based on artificial intelligence. It offers companies a 360° view of their hotel expenses for optimized management in real time and in complete autonomy.“, is it indicated through a press release. Contacted by us, the company explains to us that the data is determined and contextualized in order to allow the customer to manage his expenditure, to highlight savings but also to control the correct application of his travel policy. “The goal is to allow customers to easily and quickly analyze their performance indicators and determine the level of achievement of their objectives”. The tool also allows you to make Ad Hoc queries allowing it to extract data according to specific needs.

More battery life and data

Powered by artificial intelligence, this new tool is intended to allow buyers and TM to “make the right decisions in order to meet the company’s objectives”. The benefits of H-Board are in particular to offer tailor-made reporting, to have total autonomy over data access, to improve expenditure management and to support the client in decision-making. For HCorpo, this solution was developed in a context where their interlocutors favor the autonomy of access to the data but also the relevance of the data. “By combining an online platform with payment data, Hcorpo offers a response adapted to market expectations. »

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“Our key account customers being very satisfied with the quality of the hotel data that we have available to them, we wanted to go further by building, with buyers, a more efficient tool and more focused on purchasing performance. Now with H-Board, we are combining business intelligence with our hotel expertise in a single portal 100% dedicated to each of our customers,” said Salomé Mogier, Account Management Director Hcorpo. To which Aurélien Rodriguez, Hcorpo Pre-Sales & Distribution Director, adds: “Access to data is one of the main reasons that push Travel Buyers and Travel Managers to acquire an effective hotel solution. With H-Board, Hcorpo now offers its customers to go even further by using the data available in order to be more precise in managing their expenses. »

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