Greenpeace multiplies actions at the Cannes Lions

At the “international festival of creativity”, which is currently being held in Cannes, the agencies which ensure the communication of the oil industries have been the target of activists from Greenpeace France since Monday.

“A show of force”. This was the objective of Greenpeace France at the Cannes Lions, the “international festival of creativity” which has been held since Monday June 22 at the Palais des Festivals and on the Croisette in Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes).

The high mass of advertising targeted by around forty environmental defense activists on the grounds that certain agencies “promote the ‘green washing’ of the fossil fuel industries”, summarizes Edina Ifticene, spokesperson, responsible for Fossil fuels campaign at Greenpeace France.

First there was the irruption of an activist on the stage of the large auditorium during the opening ceremony of the Cannes Lions. Then the “landing” in kayaks on the beach privatized by WPP, the first network of advertising and communication agencies in the world.

Latest happening to date, this Thursday morning, with the storming of the Palais des Festivals. Several activists reached the roof of the building by the large ladder of an old fire truck they had procured.

They unfurled a “This is fine” banner, a reference to a meme, a viral image on the internet in which a dog surrounded by flames says that “everything is fine”. An action in the spirit of “Don’t Look Up”, the Netflix comedy-drama, “to represent passivity in the face of the climate crisis” says Edina Ifticene.

We are asking for a law prohibiting all advertising of fossil fuels, as we did with tobacco with the Evin law

Edina Ifticene, Spokesperson, Fossil Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace France

Following the action this Thursday morning at the Palais des Festivals, five activists were arrested: four on the roof of the palace and the last who was driving the fire truck. They were placed in police custody at the Cannes police station.

The day before, Mayor David Lisnard had already asked Greenpeace to send his boat moored at the old port. The municipal police also fined the association for “degradation of the environment” and “unlawful display on the public domain” following the sticking up of posters in the city.

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