Greenpeace activists on the roof of the Palais des Festivals to say “no” to fossil fuel ads

They used the large ladder of a retired fire engine to climb up. This Thursday morning, after several actions already organized since the beginning of the week within the framework of the Cannes Lions festival, which rewards the best advertisements each year, Greenpeace activists climbed on the roof of the congress center to oppose those which features fossil fuels.

Among them, two activists were disguised as the dog of the same Internet “C’est bien”, “tout va bien”, in French. This same, representing a dog serenely drinking his coffee in the middle of his house on fire, is generally used to point out denial in the face of dramatic situations.

The NGO tells 20 minutes want to “point out the denial and complicity of certain advertising agencies who work for fossil goods and services companies while we are in the midst of a climate crisis”.

Three arrests

During this operation, two other activists also climbed lampposts to fail a banner with the inscription “fossil fuel ads are burning the planet”: “advertisements on fossil fuels burn the planet”.

In addition to the police who made three arrests according to Greenpeace, real fire engines, in action, were called to the scene to secure the descent of all the activists. Solicited by 20 minutes in the morning, the city and the Palais des Festivals did not respond immediately.

A sponsored petition

Earlier this week, Mayor LR David Lisnard had already announced to Nice morning want to “eject the boat” from the NGO by denouncing “a proven disturbance of public order”. He was reacting to another action by activists organized earlier this week. “They painted posters everywhere. It is therefore paper and glue on the walls, baskets… When we defend the environment, we start by not degrading it, ”said the elected official.

The association has launched a petition to “call for a European ban on advertising, partnerships and sponsorships for companies selling fossil goods and services”. This Thursday, it had been signed by nearly 230,000 people.

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